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Right away we want to start off with giving you our picture of what Jiu Jitsu is (and what it isn’t) and what we are trying to accomplish with this course.  Setting this Foundation right in the beginning is important because this is what we are basing our entire course around.  
Take the time to digest it, understand it and then ask yourself what you are hoping to get out of training Jiu Jitsu.
We hop to show you through this course that Heroes can help you accomplish your goals in Jiu Jitsu.
We hope you enjoy!  
Gumby and the Heroes Martial Arts Team

Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Old School Footage

Pan Americans of Submission Grappling

This was one of many events OTM and the World Grappling Games produced in the Southern California Region. More than just a local tournament (although arguable Southern California is the mecca of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu these days), these tournaments actually attracted competitors from all over the country. While the talent level is extremely high and the competition is intense, their was also a lack of tension in the air and great sportsmanship displayed. You don’t see any closeouts here, as many teammates fought each other and you even get a very real match between Ryron and Rener Gracie!

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